Benefits over amber

Hazelwood versus Amber


Lighter Than Amber

Hazelwood necklaces are made with 100% natural hazel wood beads. Their density is much lower than water or amber; they are actually twice as light. This is a major asset for babies and children as they won’t even feel the necklace on their skin and will therefore not be tempted to play with it or to tug on it. 

Discreet Hazel Wood

Since you should wear the hazelwood necklace at all times, you may prefer something plain that blends in with your everyday style. The diameter and length of the hazel wood beads are standardized and they are very delicate compared to the big, roughly-shaped amber nuggets.

Teething in Style

For those who like eccentric, Pure Hazelwood offers around 20 different models of baby necklaces to please all tastes. If you’re not a fan of the golden shades of amber, our natural gemstones collection is for you! From light pink quartz to midnight blue lapis lazuli, these gemstones really add a special touch to our products.

A Natural Anti-Inflammatory

Pure Hazelwood has invested in scientific research in order to better understand the therapeutic properties that have been reported by its customers for more than 18 years. The first tests showed that hazel wood contains a large amount of polyphenols, known to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. To date, no scientific research has been conducted on amber’s properties.


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