What is amber?

About amber

Amber is fossilized pine resin, whose colour varies from a very pale yellow to an opaque, blackish brown. Just like hazel twigs, amber is used in alternative medicine in the form of necklaces and bracelets.

Amber is said to have calming properties and to have a positive effect on various ailments. Many theories on its mechanism of action have been ventured over time. According to some of them, fossilized amber could emit negative ions to regulate energy circulation in the body [1]; it has also been put forward that body heat could allow the essential oils contained in amber to leave the stones and act on the body. To this day, no scientific research has confirmed that there is a real interaction between amber and the human body.

Why is amber not recommended?

We believe that amber should not be considered for its virtues. Due to the rarity of amber, many counterfeit pieces made of plastic, copal, or other minerals have been marketed under names evocative of real amber such as "natural amber", "pressed amber", etc. It therefore becomes extremely difficult to verify its authenticity. Even though many tests can be done at home to determine the nature of amber beads, a positive reaction to a test is not necessarily a guarantee of quality; not to mention that many tests can deteriorate the beads or be potentially dangerous to undertake [2].


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[2] Wikipedia, 2013.



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