Safety of the necklaces

The wire used for the manufacturing of our hazelwood necklaces is a metal wire covered with nylon.

It was chosen and carefully selected for these special qualities:

Its maximum abrasion resistance / Its longevity / Its flexibility /
Its stronger finish protects against nicks, cuts and scrapes

Over time, contact with water and air as well as movement will cause natural wear and tear on the nylon coated wire and it will therefore lose part of its strength. Consider renewing your necklace to avoid any breakage of the wire.

Chosen clasp for our necklaces of 11" and 13"

When the necklace undergoes tension, the clasp will open and release the wire to prevent any risks of strangulation. Beware of necklaces that won’t break under tension! Moreover, the beads will remain on the wire thanks to safety crushers we add on each end of the necklace, so that the child cannot access to small pieces. 

Then, you'll be able to put the loop back in place easily with pliers.

11" Necklaces
13" Necklaces

11" clasp closed

13" clasp closed
11" clasp opened 13" clasp opened
11" clasp out

13" clasp out

Pure Hazelwood works with accredited laboratories in order to meet the safety standards in children’s jewelry from CPSC – the leading authority in North America – and AFNOR in Europe.

That being said, please keep in mind that parents must supervise children less than 3 years old wearing any necklace. You must ensure that the child cannot bring the necklace to their mouth by choosing the right size. Also, for maximum security, remember to change the necklace every 3 months.

Chosen clasp for our necklaces of 14" and more

Attached to an endless ring, this sturdier lobster clasp will not release unless it's under a great tension.


All our necklaces and bracelets are handmade and carefully checked twice before being shipped. However, manufacturing defects may exceptionnaly happen. Contact us if you experience problems with one of our necklaces.


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